About the Conference

As citizens of the world we are all responsible for global climate change. Reversing or slowing down the effects of climate change will take time; however we can begin by changing our consumption through behavioral modification.

The 7th edition of Health and Environment Conference aims to enforce and discuss the reasons why people don’t adopt more environmentally friendly behaviors under its environment-focused theme ‘Changing minds, protecting the Environment’. Additionally, it explores ways in which policymakers can publicize such practices and, whenever appropriate, weave the results of behavioral research into environmental laws and regulations to make them more effective. In line with one of the key pillars of Expo 2020 Dubai, innovating for a sustainable future will be a key focus of this year’s Health and Environment Conference.

The three-day program will feature specific health and environmental topics that focus on the long-term health and well-being of the world, and restoring balance to eco-systems in the region through collective action. Decision makers in health and environment, academics, researchers and industry leaders will join in this vital conversation to integrate their efforts and demonstrate how research can act as a corner stone in shaping our future in both health and environment.

The conference provides also networking opportunities, bringing together representatives from Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment and Water, Senior Healthcare Executives, Environmental Policy Makers, Healthcare Professionals, NGO’s interested in health & environmental issues, Scholars, Researchers and Industry leaders to discuss and address the challenges to the dynamics of innovations in Health and Environment.