Call for Papers

In line with this year’s theme: Unleashing Innovation, Empowering Entrepreneurship, the Conference organizing committee is seeking contributions from institutions as well as individuals about measures undertaken in developing governance structures, policies, frameworks, tools to empower entrepreneurship and foster innovation.

All full papers reviewed and accepted by members of the Technical Committee will be published in the Conference proceedings following the Congress. Submissions to be made through the Online Submission System.

The Congress Committee invites submissions for full papers, case studies, poster presentations for the following tracks:

Track 1: Business, management and entrepreneurship

Focus Areas:
  • Marketing luxury
  • Managing for growth
  • The contribution of practitioners toward Green Economy
  • 3D Printing technology, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality: Is society at the tipping point?
  • Unintended consequences of innovations and how to manage them
  • Employee voice, engagement and loyalty
  • Entrepreneurship in MENA region
  • Creativity, innovation & entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability and regional development
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • HR and sustainability culture
  • Green HRM
  • Successful practices to support innovation
  • Services management
  • Customer experience management
  • Green marketing
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Integrated reporting
  • Corporate governance and risk management
  • Sustainability accounting

Track 2: Quality management and sustainability

Focus Areas:
  • Emotional intelligence and quality
  • TQM and CSR nexus: the role of transformational leadership
  • Quality management and the national and international competitiveness
  • Synergistic collaboration of management, knowledge management and total quality management
  • Enablers of total quality management for sustainable development
  • Managerial challenges and enablers for implementing sustainability-focused TQM
  • Integrating sustainable thought into the business practices
  • Creating and sustaining positive energy
  • Intelligent quality tools and methods
  • Service Quality
  • New Practices in TQM sustainability
  • Entrepreneur practices in quality focused organizations

Track 3: Islamic Banking, Finance

Focus Areas:
  • Islamic economy and sustainable development
  • Dubai the capital of Islamic economy
  • Bridging the gap between theory and practice
  • Islamic tourism & hospitality
  • New and Innovative Islamic financial products
  • Risk Management in Islamic Financial Institutions
  • Performance & Growth of Sukuks
  • Islamic Economics
  • Takaful (Islamic insurance)
  • Case Studies of Islamic Financial Institutions
  • CSR: Islamic perspective
  • Microfinance
  • Islamic Contracts’ Arbitration
  • Islamic business ethics
  • Islamic capital market
  • Shortage of experts in Islamic banking
  • Absence of accounting (and auditing) standards pertinent to Islamic organizations
  • Lack of uniform standards of credit analysis
  • Provision of short term investment instruments

Track 4: Public Management & Government Service Excellence

Focus Areas:
  • Sustainable cities and human settlements
  • Innovation as a National Value
  • Success Stories: Innovations in Government
  • Entrepreneurship in the public sector
  • Sustainable transport
  • Smart Governments
  • Nurturing Innovation
  • Sustainability performance in the public sector
  • Environmental sustainability in the public sector: leadership & challenges
  • The Race for National Competitiveness
  • Government as the Engine of Innovation

Download the useful comprehensive style guidelines on abstract, case study submissions and poster presentations to guarantee submission acceptance.

All presented papers will be reviewed for their inclusion in one of the refereed International Journals  published by HBMSU (ISSN: 1993-8667). Papers can be presented virtually without physical attendance. Last date for submission of abstracts is 15 January 2017.

Important Dates

Final Submission 30 January 2017
Presenter Registration 20 February 2017
Congress Dates 6 - 8 March 2017