Held under the Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and President of Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU)

  About the Track

Track Theme: Innovation and the Future of Work and Organizations

Businesses today and the way work is done are continuously changing to achieve the competitive advantage of innovation establishing a new perspective about organizations, work, and life. Innovation and the future of work are not merely focused on the ways that technology has impacted the workplace but also on people. Technological advancements such as digitization and automation are providing means of collaboration, production and management, and whilst these offer significant opportunities, they also create substantial challenges and disruptions for labour markets, skills development and organizational structures. Hence, policy-makers, business leaders, and workers have to continuously understand and respond to these shifts and changes.

As businesses witness these changes, especially after the financial crisis, the interest to harness Islamic finance for a better future has been trending too. With positive values and ethical considerations deep-rooted within Islamic finance, it provides a ready and workable blueprint for finance that best works for people. Therefore, to ensure the continuity of this approach, Islamic finance must prove its capacity to innovate and embrace the technology revolution. The Business and Quality Management Track will provide a platform for dialogue and discussions between key policymakers, businessmen, financial sector practitioners, economists, and academics to address these important issues.