About the Conference

In many countries, the twenty-first century is an exciting time for education, seeing the emergence of a common agreement to re-examine the old ways of thinking and doing things in order to bring about flexibility, creativity and innovation. In its 9th edition, the Smart Learning Conference aims to “Build Knowledge Based Communities” through coaching, mentoring and learning by helping educational institutions adapt to the challenging and changing environment.

The Smart Learning Conference will help shed light on transformative pedagogy and community of learning concepts, which has the most immediate effect on improving the quality and scale of learners’ experience and attainment, and to support teachers in learning how to optimize the use of technologies, so they can respond more rapidly to the needs and demands of their learners. The best knowledge-based communities are both aspirational and practical, connecting organizations, systems and people around a shared goal. Moreover, the economic and social value of such community-based informal learning is undeniable. The focus of this year’s edition is to examine, among many other emerging disruptive concepts, the role of smart learning and technological advancements in creating and sustaining knowledge-based communities.

The 2017 Conference program will include plenary sessions animated by reputable international keynote speakers, research papers presentation sessions and discussion panels where education stakeholders, researchers and practitioners debating on the latest innovations and trends in the fields of educational leadership, technological innovation teaching, design and quality, issues for online courses, social online learning, big data, cultural integration of open educational resources, community learning or the recent emergence of gamification and ubiquitous learning in social networks.