Held under the Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and President of Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU)


Join Industry professionals in the following workshops:

Please note ALL workshops are conducted in ARABIC


  1. Value added tax in the United Arab Emirates
  2. The next wave of transformation: Smart education in the age of artificial intelligence
  3. Smart learning: from theory to practice
  4. Going green in organizations

Value Added Tax (VAT) in UAE

VAT law has been adopted and will be totally applied in the UAE and some Gulf countries as of January 1st, 2018.

This course is designed to answer the questions the employers, managers and potential investors have, including:

  • What does "Value Added" mean?
  • What are the tax terms used in the law?
  • What do they mean?
  • How will VAT affect the profits of enterprises?
  • What are the mandatory documents and files I should keep?
  • Other issues related to disclosure, control and auditing...

The next wave of transformation and takeoff: Smart education in the age of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can make a quantum leap in people's lives and the way corporations work. Artificial intelligence is expected to play a key role and represent an integral part of the technologies applied in the government and private industrial and educational institutions, and all areas of smart cities. The workshop is designed to provide the participants with an overview of artificial intelligence basics, focusing on artificial neural networks and exploring their potential applications. We hope we can inspire the participants, through this workshop, about the huge potential of artificial intelligence in the field of education and how it can be used to improve the operations and outcomes of teaching and learning and enhance the learners’ experience.

Smart education: From theory to practice

The aim is to discuss the development of skills in smart education by identifying the main concepts of designing smart education as well as its techniques and applications through the implementation of education technology and smart education design tools in an innovative and effective way. In order to help promote the educational process towards smart education, this workshop is designed on three cognitive levels: (smart learning basics, smart learning techniques, smart learning design)

Corporation Greening

UAE vision 2021 confirms the UAE’s commitment to develop and implement innovative solutions to protect and preserve the environment. Promoting environmental awareness and responsible attitude among UAE residents is a key factor in the country's efforts aimed at addressing environmental challenges, as well as "greening" organizations and increasing the effectiveness of using their resources. In addition to the means and methods of "greening" applied within organizations, this workshop will address these issues in detail and provide many practical examples.